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Kelpro Inc. opened its doors in 1975 to originally manufacture a line of sporting goods. Because we had to acquire the equipment to manufacture these items we evolved into manufacturing complete products as well as component parts for other companies. Today we continue to manufacture sporting good items, however, our main emphasis is producing items for a host of OEM customers within the food service, automotive, HVAC, farm implement, medical and material handling industries. We have customers that order from 500 to 5,000 pieces of an item and others that give us blanket orders for hundreds of different items with quantity releases for each item.

We maintain a strong relationship with our suppliers to keep a constant flow of raw materials to our plant at the lowest possible costs. This allows Kelpro, Inc. to meet the critical needs and expectations of our customers on short-notice jobs. Some of our materials are purchased in truck load quantities which would help to keep your costs down, allowing you to increase your profitability by letting us supply your various parts. 

Kelpro Inc
PO Box 834 • 2047 State Hwy Z
Sikeston, MO 63801
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